Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why do I wear braces?

I always wonder, why Hollywood artist have a very white and nice teeth. Even so, most American are like that; as for example, if you take a look at all the contestant from the reality show; you will notice that all of them have a very organize teeth. I am jealous of that. Since I am kid, I was frequently having a big problem with my teeth. There are once that the dentist and the nurse doing a yearly visit to my primary school for a dental check up. And ofcourse every kids are afraid to do The Scaling (removal of calculus from the teeth) because it is a bit painful. And so when it's time for my turn I was afraid but calm. Hehe. Then the dental nurse inspect my teeth, and would you like to know what did she said to me? It goes like this " Apa ni name je pengawas, tapi gigi awak dah macam reban ayam". (I paraphrase) I was like huh? blurred? and What?. "Tahu ah aku still budak agi, hingus pun meleleh jer"; but still this is unacceptable. Bless that nurse. I hope she now know how to use appropiate words towards other. Although I am only about 10 years old during that time, but I still remembers about it. But did I quickly go for an appointment to wear braces? The answer is NO! Why is that? Well, first I don't about its existence and second is I don't have enough money.

So,I only started to wear braces after completing form 5. Which is to be precise 2 weeks after SPM. Before that, I just had to endure with it. You know life as a high-school students is cruel. Okay and so, Why do I need braces really badly?

1) Enough is enough; I know that I don't have a nice teeth and smile. So stop complaining about it.
2) Sometimes, I notice that my teeth are prone to have cavity and producing unpleasant mouth-breath.
3)Ofcourse, I am ashame to smile, also always covering my mouth whenever I want to laugh, and thus, I'm a loser aaand having a feeling of low self-esteem back then.

Alright, so I wear braces for 2 years from the year 2006 until 2008. How is the ongoing process? Before that, let me set the record straigh; it is true that wearing braces need a lot of patience and endurance. Because... Read the step:
1) You will need to do The Scaling(cuci gigi) and to make sure that you are free from bleeding gums (gusi). And to do the scaling is pain number 1.
2) Ofcourse you will need to schedule for an appointment witth the orthodontist (a specialist who treat and do the correction of abnormal dento-facial strctures).
3) You will have a consultation from the orthodontist and do the jaws x-rays.
4) The doctor will review your x-ray and will tell you about your teeth and how many teeth that you will need to extract (cabut gigi). In this case, I basically had to extract 4 of my tooth. And that is pain number 2. To describe to you about the process of extracting my teeth is so unexplainable.
5) Now, only then, they will completly instill or apply the complete set of braces on my teeth and that is pain number 3. So every month, you will need to do the regular check up until your teeth is fully organize.

At the end of the day; all of the pain was worth it. Now, I am no longer embarass to smile. :) Smile makes the world go round! And I loves to do it. Hehe

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