Sunday, August 16, 2009

Food pyramid

This is the healthy eating pyramid that I prefer to use. It was created by the Harvard School of public health. If you notice this food pyramid is a lot different from others that usually suggest white rice and white bread as our main meals that should be taken in a bigger consumption. But actually it should be taken sparingly.

So first of all, I think it is better if we make whole grain as our main source of energy. Why is that? It is simply because it contains a lot more nutrient and also low in calories.

Secondly, it is much better if we try to eat as much vegetables and fruits as much as possible. Not only we will get a lot of the nutrient from it but it also helps to provide you for better digestion and enhancing your skin. Yeah it's true "Beauty is only skin Deeps" but why not that we choose a healthier choice for our own goods.

Thirdly is to choose olive oil or sunflower oil as our cooking oil. Why is this mediterranean diets is so good? Well simply it is because Olive oil contain less unhealthy fats and less calories. So it is safe to use it regularly in your diet. And you know what if you planning to make a salad meal; pour in some olive and lemon onto the salad and it will taste so much better. The other ways to serve it is by dipping your wholemeal bread with olive oil. Actually I just learn this things when I went to Italiannies Restaurant; and they actually serve you the bread with olive oil instact of others restaurant that serve you bread with butter as your starter. Which eventually makes your calories rising.

Fourthly is to have fish and poultry as your main source of protein. And you know what the better fish that you should use are Salmon and Tuna. Also yes you can eat chicken but make sure you do not eat the chicken skin; and it is much better to eat the chicken on the side of the breast or chest side rather than the drumstick area. Why is that? You already know the answer. It is because it contain more fats.

Number five is you have to have tofu and beans(legumes) as parts of your diet. Not only it have a lots of minerals it is also a source of protein; especially in Soy.

Number six that I wish for you guys to follow is to drink milk daily or to eat yogurt as your snack. But remember please choose an organic dairy product.

Lastly is to use red meat, white rice, potatoes, and sugary meals sparingly. Because I need not to tell you why, simply because it contain a lot of calories a not healthy for you. This is why I don't eat french fries but once in a blue moon i just eat it.

So there you go, briefly on the food pyramid of my choice.

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