Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pressure Ulcer

Pressure ulcer (bedsores)is any lesion caused by unrelieved pressure ( a compressing downward force on a body area) that result in damage to underlying tissue.

Due to deficiency in the blood supply to the tissue. The tissue is compressed between two surface, usually the surface of the bed and the bony skeleton.

Risk Factor:
Immobility and inactivity

This is the picture of Stage 3 pressure ulcer. There is a full-thickness skin loss involving damage or necrosis of subcutaneous tissue.

Doing daily Dressing

Finishing the dressing with DuoDerm patch.

DuoDerm is the brand name for a commonly used hydrocolloid dressing that is used to treat pressure ulcers.Hydrocolloid dressings have gel-like properties to absorb excretions from the wound and protect the wound debris and potentially infection causing bacteria. Hydrocolloid dressings dressings help the wound to autolytically debride itself (the body uses its own enzymes to break down dead tissue as opposed to surgically removing it).

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