Thursday, March 24, 2011

Please answer my Questionnaire

It's really hard to ask people to help me to answer my questionnaire. Eventhough i did gave them souvenir. Sometimes i almost beg to them to the state that i almost felt like crying. I really don't want to bother them, because i know they are super-duper busy. But, i did gave them freedom, to return the questionnaire whenever they are free.

If it's not for my final year research project, i would not disturbed them. But i am really desperate rite now. So please, support me. For the sake of our profession.

I am really disappointed to some of them. But fortunately some of them are really nice and did cooperated with me.

But i still don't understand why to some; questionnaire is such a burden. The reason of why they don't want to answer the questionnaire are:

1) I am so busy, please don't disturb me.
2) I don't want to answer this questionnaire, because it is in English.
3) I had answer so many questionnaire before this. (actually there are 8 of students doing research exactly like me)
4) I don't want to answer ( Yup, what to do, but it is their freedom of choice. So i shall not force them, and i just simply said "it's okay and thank you")

So this is really a bad experience for me. But my research must go on. Eventhough i distributed almost 45 questionnaire, but i managed to get only 37 sample back. This is so unfair, because i already gave the pen to them.

Hmm, what to do.. Just accepted what ever happened to me.


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