Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Warmers

Last Saturday, my sister, cousin and I went to The Curve for window shopping and hang out together. So ofcourse after that we felt really hungry although we had just went to wedding ceremony at Kerinchi. Well, as it was raining heavily likes cats and dogs makes us struggle to find a satisfied and comfortable place to eat. But then again, all eatery place in The Curve are quite okay.

So our first thought is to go to Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant. Hmm, really fancy. But as we approach nearer, we saw that they sell liquor and so make us worried to eat there. So we tried to search again for another Restaurant. Perhaps Chocolate Lounge? Marche? The Garden? T.G.I Friday's?. Well, actually TGI also sell liquor, and i don't think so that we can eat there. Oh No...

And then, we meet The Apartment. Hmm, macam best jer... So all of us go there and take a look at there menu. But... it's so expensive, like eating in a 5 star hotels. So again all of us was despair and kept on searching again.

Lastly we saw this small and English style restaurant. Name's Winter Warmer. Why not. Let's give it a try.

The menu's Cover.


The Counter.

The chairs and table.

Christmas Tree.

Midnite sth??? Don't remember.

Pink Rose Ice Blended Latte...maybe???

Frozen Ice Tea.

Hot Tea

The Food
Soup of the day

Vegetable Baked Cheese


Grill Dory

Pinggan Kotor. Who want to wash the dishes??? Hehe

The Receipt

Second Trip

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Health Foot Patch

Pernah tak korang pakai health foot patch untuk detoxification. Ape tu ek? Buang toxic dalam badan. Ramai orang kata yang dalam badan kite ni banyak toxic disebabkan unhealthy lifestyle such as pemakanana yang tak sihat, merokok, berada di persekitaran yang tercemar dan macam-macam lagi. So ape yang kite buat, mengambil macam-macam product kesihatan.

Ni kat sini, aku nak share saje2. Bende alah ni, yg foot patch ni boleh percaye ker? Entah, aku dah gune banyak kali, tp beli yang murah punyer jer, tak pernah pakai yang mahal. Hasil nyer....Hmmm entah tak rase pape pun same jer...

Tapi yelah kan product2 kesihatan mane nak nampak hasil nyer dekat mata kasar. Ye tak??

So dalam satu kotak itu ader 10 foot patch. Macam ni, satu plastik ader 2 foot patch. Kene tampal sendiri kat sticker pelekat dier.

Guna time tido, iaitu time malam, esok pagi cabut, pas tu tengok hasil nyer. Eiii....hehehe

Dalam tong sampah dah...Eiiii...hitam..


Friday, November 19, 2010

Facial Cotton

Have u ever try this facial cotton? Well, i'm highly recommend u guys to use this. Because it's very practical. Why??

1) 3 boxes for RM10.. When i bought it, i've got another box for free .

2) As u can see, it comes in a box, so it does look more organize and easy for you to just pull out one piece of cotton.

3) The cotton is also made from quality material, so that no excess cotton will left out or stick to ur face.

I had use it...hehe

The square facial cotton.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hari Raya Haji a.k.a Hari Raya Qurban

Since my family and I are now living in Sungai Buloh Saujana Utama for almost 4 years, so we had decided to celebrate Raya Haji in here. Actually this is our second experience to celebrate Raye Haji far away from our village. Well the routine actually is just like in "kampung". The only different is that, we only celebrate it with our core family, and not with our extended family. Not really "Meriah" though. But it's okay, because it does strengthening our family bond.

Well ofcourse, in the morning we had to perform our sunat prayers in mosque. Today the day is so peaceful with a breezy wind. wow such a wonderful day.

Well, as we approach inside we could see all the cow, actually one of it did block our path, had to wait for a few minute though..

Next, is to perform the Sunnat Prayer

Wow so crowded 'aight, good good...

Then, let's the Qurban begin..

Khemah untuk bahagikan daging..

Tempat untuk penyembelihan.

Well, the cows are waiting...

And so, mule2 kite kene rebah kan dulu lembu and tenangkan dier

Well, nampak nyer ia sudah disembelih

Okay, after that we head home and prepare for our big feast..Yum...For today, we had decided to do BBQ. Kinda break the tradition of eating meat every Raye Korban...I like...

Today we had eaten, Corn, Chicken, Otak-otak, shrimp with bellpeppers and lots more..

Waidda minute.. it's that lamb meat??? hehe

Okay...That's all folks..

Till then, later...
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