Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Warmers

Last Saturday, my sister, cousin and I went to The Curve for window shopping and hang out together. So ofcourse after that we felt really hungry although we had just went to wedding ceremony at Kerinchi. Well, as it was raining heavily likes cats and dogs makes us struggle to find a satisfied and comfortable place to eat. But then again, all eatery place in The Curve are quite okay.

So our first thought is to go to Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant. Hmm, really fancy. But as we approach nearer, we saw that they sell liquor and so make us worried to eat there. So we tried to search again for another Restaurant. Perhaps Chocolate Lounge? Marche? The Garden? T.G.I Friday's?. Well, actually TGI also sell liquor, and i don't think so that we can eat there. Oh No...

And then, we meet The Apartment. Hmm, macam best jer... So all of us go there and take a look at there menu. But... it's so expensive, like eating in a 5 star hotels. So again all of us was despair and kept on searching again.

Lastly we saw this small and English style restaurant. Name's Winter Warmer. Why not. Let's give it a try.

The menu's Cover.


The Counter.

The chairs and table.

Christmas Tree.

Midnite sth??? Don't remember.

Pink Rose Ice Blended Latte...maybe???

Frozen Ice Tea.

Hot Tea

The Food
Soup of the day

Vegetable Baked Cheese


Grill Dory

Pinggan Kotor. Who want to wash the dishes??? Hehe

The Receipt

Second Trip


  1. Korang Gilo ko bil 3 orang mentedarah 100 Hinggit? Baik makan kat delifrance ke secret recipe ke.


  2. jgn di amalkan...x elok


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