Monday, August 17, 2009

The Danger of Blogging

To all the bloggers. Here i would like to advice you guys to be careful when you write. Yeah it is true that sometimes you get carry away to write the things that you wish you didn't write. Memang betul mengutuk orang, kata orang ni tak betul, orang ni salah, die yang patut buat ni, die ni xde akal;etc. The list can go on. But the naked truth is, there are always someone who are watching every inch of your move. Don't take blogging for granted. Silap hari bulan masuk lokap. So here are the list that you should never touch or give a comment on it.

1) Jangan sentuh hal-hal institusi di raja. In other words don't you dare to insults the sultan or you will join the club of those who have been captured in action for blogging something that they should never write. I dare not to say whatever they are written.
2) Jangan sentuh hal-hal menteri-menteri. Walaupun seinchi. We must know that we are just a small bloggers. Who are we, to say a very daring words to them. We have no backups. Not like others bigger bloggers or penulis lain who has their own institution that will protect them. Remember we are alone in this. So think first before you blog.
3) Don't touch anything regarding the isu perkauman dan agama. Because this is a very sensetive issues. I guess there is nobody interested to hear what is your point of view. Just keep it to yourselves.
4) Don't touch the perkara 153. Sebab this matter memang can not be change. So jangan memandai-mandai nak menokok tambah.

Actually bloggging is good to improve your writing skills and your cognitive. It just that we should remember we are alone in this. We have no backup plan or plan B. At the end of the day we only got our own family to helps us. So a words of advice to all of you "Think first before you blog"

Pape hal kite minum dulu... :D

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