Monday, August 24, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure

I wonder how many times does people change their handphone? It is 2 times or 10 times. I had heard people that had change hp that much. I wonder? Is it something wrong with their hp or them..hehe...For me, so far i had change my handphone 4 times i think. Emm, wait a minute i think maybe i did had used 5 handphone so far.Which is okay lah tu. I'm still 20 years old; i got a lot of time to buy new and sophisticated hp. but still if i got the money. Anyway No Money, NO Talk. So coming back; I started to use handphone when i was in form 1, which i had to share it with my sister. At that time nokia 3310 was very popular and got a lot of attention. I can't remember how much it is, maybe around RM700*. Now, maybe it can cost you only RM90. Haha. So what i like about this handphone is that, this hp is really hard-core. You can throw it to the ground, fall it accidentally but still this hp is magically still will function well. Not like nowadays hp. The more multi-function it has, the more fragile it will be. Another things that i like about Nokia 3310 is that, i love to play their games. One of it is the snake game. Also i can't stand the monophonic tone, it is so lame, if you still use it now..

After that, when i am in form 2; my father brought me a new hp just for me. Yippee. And of course i only get the monophonic phone although polyphonic hp are starting to raise like mushroom during that time the year 2002. So finally my own hp Nokia 3315. It is a bit different from 3310. What are the differents?. Actually not much. Only the keypad is fusing in between. So having this hp of course make me wanted to start smsing and calling everybody i know. Moreover i loves to change the hp housing and much of my credits are running out because of purchasing the logo and ring tones. What a waste. Luckily today i am not like that.Whatever it is i really appreciate my first hp and it is still functioning until now. It just that, i don't use it anymore so i give it to my auntie.

Moving on, introducing my third hp. Which is Motorola C310!Not really popular though. But it is my first hp which have polyphonic ring tones and the colored-screen. Also i can't remember how much it cost me. Maybe around RM700* also. But actually it was a present from my sister. So what i like about this hp is that i can easily hide my hp whenever i bring it to school. Because during that time hp are strictly not allow. Well we as a 'creative' students always know the ways. There are ones that i hide my hp in the class dust bin during class spot check. Luckily i didn't forget to get it back afterward. Well those crazy days are just unforgettable.
Well there are more story to tell about that. But let keep it for now..

So after that i used motorola L7 which had camera and mp3. I started to use in when i am still in matriculation. During that time everybody want to use a hp that have multi function, such as taking picture with it. So i just go with the flow. And of course my dad don't want to buy me a new phone because i've already did got one. So i had to find another alternative. You know what every matriculation students will get RM1000 per semester. So what, i think i will use it for that. hehe.."rase bersalah pun ader gak" but it's okay living in matriculation is not expensive. So L7 for me, Yeah. And it cost me RM700 also..What do i do with it? Of course keep on downloading a new mp3 songs, taking picture, and have a true ring tones which is a real music and songs.

After 2 years of using motorola L7 i started to switch side to Sony Ericsson. My first 3G hp Wi910. Well it's everything that i ever desire for. For now. I can't ask for more. And ofcourse to buy this hp i had to use my own money. So what to do i am still a students and my dad is really a person that don't simply spend his money for inappropriate things. Again i had to use my Yayasan money. Haha. What can i do, i simply just can't resist my self. The temptation is so high and cruel. And now people start to use N Series or Navigator. My sister also just brought a new hp which is Nokia express music the model is "ape tah"..aaah. I am confused with it. So now, Should I buy a new handphone again?. NO WAY. For now i just be thankful with what i had and appreciate it. So What about you guys????

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  1. ur blog is full of 'sawang' right now...


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