Monday, August 17, 2009

Improving your English?

Actually to be frank I think my english is still bad. There are still a lot more that I need to improve. Yes it is true everbody start from zero just like me. Since I my was in primary school my parents keep on stressing to me on the importance of english. They even send me for a english tuition which is just next to my house. My neighbour is an Indian; sorry to say I forgot her name but her english is really superb. One thinks that I know is that the best things about learning english is for me to find an Indian teacher because for sure you have to communicate in english with them. But my english still has not improve; I was shy,afraid and used to hate english. So the consequences is, i always got a low mark for my English test. Why is that? It is because i always skips the tuition class and making unreasonable excuses to avoid going to my neighbour's house. To make it even worser i didn't score an A for my UPSR, i only managed to get a B. Which is to me is okay. Hey! what can i say i am just a kids. I still have not seen the bigger picture of the importance of English. It is fine. Don't worry be happy.

Moving on; when I am in high-school. Lets not say which school it is, because it is quite popular. I was a bit uncomfortable because this school is so multi-racial and they speak english fluently. I was very ashamed and even my best friend always look down on me and make fun about the way I try to speak in english. That is so not cool. And even make me a lot more depressed. So i try to find a private english tuition and i managed to get one. So i started to take extra english class since i was in form 2. And you know what the teacher is an Indian teacher. He had helps me a lot through out this difficult years. Actually to be frank before that, when i was in form 1; i did take an extra english tuition class from the malays teacher. Sadly i did not feel suitable with her and my english language is still had not been improved. I am not saying that Malays English teacher are not good. It is me who are not suitable with them. F.Y.I the english tuition fees that i took with the indian teacher is Rm80 for a month. That is so expensive.

So finally i managed to obtain an A for my English language in PMR and SPM. Alhamdullilah. But still; there are one think that Mr Jeya always told me is that "Learning Stops at the Grave". So after finishing my SPM i went to British Council to learn english. Here i learn more on how to communicate well in english. And you know what; the best part is that my english teacher comes from The Great Britian in other words "orang putih tu". Also my classmate is a foreigner just a few malays and chinesse per class. Also they teach us using the modern methods and in a small group. So you have no way to survive without speaking in English. F.Y.I it cost me RM1000 for a month class in learning english at British Council.

So there you have it on my experience in learning english language. So now i would like to share with you on how to improve your english based on my experience.

1) Listen to english music and try to understand what are the meanings and try to pronouns it correctly.
2) Watch english movie and drama series without reading the malay subtitle. Buy a dvd english movie and switch on the english subtitle while watching the movie. Listen to what they say and try to get a quote from the movie that you likes.
3) Reads a lot of english materials such as novel, magazines, newspaper, and others article. Don't forget to finds the meaning of those words.
4) Buy a good english dictionary. The best things is to use the advance learner oxford english dictionary. Why is this dictionary is good? First of all its translate the meaning of the words that you don't understand in english by using others words. Second it have an example of english sentences that you can use in essay. And third you will know how to say it correctly. Actually there is a way on how to use the dictionary correctly. If you know how to use it; you will get a lot of benefits from it.
5) Speak in english. If you are shy to speak in english with your friends, then try to speak in english with yourselves for a start. There is no other way than to speak in english if you want to improve your english.
6) Be confident and do not be ashamed to make mistakes. Peduli ape orang lain nak kata yang penting aku boleh cakap orang putih.

So there you have it the tips on how to improve your english skills. Not much but i hope it helps.


  1. ji, i'm impress huhu
    boleh publish ni? hehe
    pepun, syok ar bc blog ko..

  2. wowowo very nice...
    awk mmg berbakat!!


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