Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Had Donated My Blood

To be honest, this is my third time on donating blood. I still remember my first time is when I was in matriculation on 2006; lots of memory back then. I may not need to tell you guys any further about that, hehe. Coming back; why do I donate my blood? Well I am not sure at first, maybe it is because of peer influence, I guess. But most of all, it is because I am glad to donate blood, simply because I know that with my blood I may have save others people life. What more can I say; "Tangan yang memberi lebih baik dari tangan yang menerima". So start thinking about those in need more seriously rather than yourselves. Hehe.

I know for some, they might give so much excuses. Some would say that they are afraid of needle and some are wandering about is it consider safe? Well there are lot of things that are serious than that. Might be! But from my opinion there must be another more great pain than donating blood. Such as toothache. Ouch, that's really hurt. I can't endure it. Okay, enough about that, it's getting cliche right now and I am sound like really "poyo".

So on 19 August 2009, the blood bank people came to my university basically to invite the students to join the blood donation campaign. So without further due, I just grab the opportunity to donate blood. Would you like to know more about the process. Okay this is so interesting; first of all is that you must be prepared mentally and physically. How is that? What I mean by mentally is that you need to get ready with your mind set by motivating yourself. As for example you could put it this way " this is fun and I am not afraid". And what I mean physically is that; you must be sure that you are healthy today, your weight is more than 45kg, and ofcourse you must not have any infectious disease such as AIDS/HIV and so on. If you have pass all the check list, then you may proceed with the second step. Which is to proceed to the registration counter and fill in the form.

Usually at the registration counter they will ask to you about; have you taken your lunch?, do you had enough sleep? and Is this your first time? So on so forth. Then it is time for you to weigh in to make sure you are really more than 45kg. But ofcourse if you are pretty sure that you are more than that; then there is no need for that clarification. You know for some like me might be really sensitive with their weight.Hehe. Thirdly; is to check your blood, so that they will know what blood group are you in? and also your Hemoglobin? And so on. Just allow them to do their work. So How do they do it? I mean to check your blood. Normally a small prick will be apply to one of your finger. "Pendek kata kene cucuk sikit ah". So with a few drops of your blood they will mix it with some kind of solution. Then you will know what is your blood group whether it is A, B, AB or even O.

Fourthly, is to proceed to the next step, which is to measure your blood pressure and also a few easy-peasy question will be asked by the doctor. Finally you are now ready to donate your blood with the permission from the doctor.

Now it is time for you to sit on the 'grand' chair. Before that I will prefer to ask the staff nurse to take my blood on my left side. Because I use my right hand the most so it will give me a hard time if I do it on the right side. To continue; the nurse will start to inject a few amount of anaesthetic "bius" near your vein "salur darah" before injecting the big needle for the blood taking process. Next, when the blood start to flow you will need to wait until the blood has fill up the blood bag. Which is usually about 20minutes*. After that, the nurse will take the needle out from you and you will wait for a while before you get up.

Next is you will be served with some foods and drinks. Usually you will be given milo and bread and make sure that you finish eating it. Also you will be given some supplement which is B Complex and Vitamin C to help boost back your blood. Finally you will receive a recognition or a certificate from them to show you some love and appreciation.

So now I would like to share with you some experience that I had been through after the blood donation. Not really serious though, but it does makes me to be more careful. But don't get me wrong I still always want to donate blood.

The story goes like this, it is normally for the donaters to feel a little "lenguh-lenguh" at the hand of the blood donating side. But I had experience a bit big brusing after a few days. This happen when I was donating for the first time. I don't know why does it happen. But I ask my lecturer and she say there is nothing to worry about that, just maybe my small vein had ruptured a bit due to the wrong technique. So what should I do? Simply just apply some ice on it for about 10 minutes* twice daily and it will be just fine.

Also this just happen recently, a really bad experience for me. If you like to know that uitm have this stairs that almost similar like the Batu Cave. Almost 218* all of it together I think. The stairs will link our hostel with the faculty.

The story goes like this; actually the blood donation site is at the faculty, and ofcourse after finishing the donation process and after having enough rest, I think, it is time for my friends and I to go back to the hostel. Where is it? Yes you guess it correctly, ofcourse up up and a way. On the top of the hill. And my luck is 'so great' there is no bus provided and I don't have any car. So what to do? "belasah naik tangga je lah". On my half way climbing the stairs I think about hundered something I started to feel something wrong with me. My heart was pounding very quickly and I started to feel dizzy and shortness of breath. Immediately I stop from taking another step any try do breath slowly. What do I should do? There is nobody here except my friends? Here is what I've done. First is to start cough vigorously so that your heart will be more stable. Second is to sit or lie down and prop up your leg so that the blood in your body will flow more smoothly. (Remember i did this at the stairways and for sure to find a flat area). Third is to lossen your clothes a bit. Actually during that time i was sweating profusely so my friends start to 'kipas' me with papers. Fourth is to drink sugary drink, luckily i had one; and also to eat some candy or chocholate. Five is basically to rest for a while. According to my friends i looks so pale and they are really worried about me. I am so greatful to have Pija and Lia with me; without them I don't know what will happen. So after a while I started to feel okay aand normal again. Luckily nothing happen to me. But this is not a very nice experience for me. Just one thing, I hope next time they will provide busses for the blood donaters to go back to their hostel. If not; just do the blood donation site near the students hostel.

Okay so there you have it a little bit story and experience from me. It just nice to share it with you guys. Anyway "Sharing is Caring" am i right? I hope you are not afraid or anything after hearing this. Just one things that i would like to advice be relaxed and enjoy. ok bye bye for now.


  1. jiji~ i dunno u hav a blog..huhu *_*"
    lebam afta donating blood is quite synonym 4 me as well..hehe
    but, as long as x memudaratkn i'll keep donating blood as much as i can~
    even lebam tu nmpk cm menakotkn..haha. tp, ak tgk cm cool lak, housemate ak yg risau ngn lebam tuh..haih

  2. hehe. ni saje2 isi mase lapang jer..tq2 4 reading it..


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