Monday, August 17, 2009

MTV World Stage 2009 (Malaysia)

MTV World Stage memang gempak giler. It was held at Sunway Lagoon Water Park on Saturday 15 August 2009 at 6pm onwards.For those of you who didn't go there, you could watch it via Astro on channel MTV asia later. There are a lot of super cool rock band who perform on that day.

Actually I arrive there pretty late. Paham-paham aje lah traffic jam kat federal highway dah macam tortoise. Whatever it is I managed to arrive there at 6.20pm. The event was host by the MTVasia VJs. First presenter is ofcourse by VJs Utt and Denise and then follows by others.

When I arrive there I was very surprise that the stage was actually build in a pool. How cool is that. I never been in a concert like this. The sound system was also excellent and the service was nice. They even provide us a free rain coat because it was raining a bit, earlier on the show.Though, there are lot of people wearing face mask during that day, and ofcourse that including me. Yeah safety first. Nobody want to be get infected by influenza A H1N1.

'' ''''''' ''''' '' ''' '''' '' ' I I managed to catch the Boys like girls perfomance right after Estranged. Boys Like Girls lead singer is so handsome.Haha. Well they sings their new songs which is Love drunk and then followed by The Thunder which is so perfect, because it was raining when he sung that. And the last songs was The Great Escapes.

''''''''''''''''''' '''' ''''' '' .. '' The All-American Reject is the last act. Right after Hoobastank. I think The All American Reject is such a pro. They are the greatest band in the world. I am sorry MCR. Not only the lead singer are so good looking but their songs all reaches the hits chart topper. Their sings the songs Dirty Little Secrets, SwingSwing, It ends tonight, Give you hells and Winds Blows. I was blown away by their performance.

As for overall i love this concert. Thank you MTV you have done a good jobs. There are only a few comments that i would like to suggest;
1) provide free face mask for all
2) Stops selling unhealthy foods such as pizza and soft drink on the event
3) Avoid having too long period break within each performance
4) Provide extra break time during maghrib prayer
5) lastly is to pantau mereka-mereka yang membaling barang ke arah audience, because ianya sangatlah berbahaya kalau terkene mata especially. Better still, tak payah susah2 nak kasi tangan kertas tu.


  1. minat da bertukar..
    sian mcr~~

  2. takpe. lgpun Gerard Way kn dah kahwin..bosan ah..


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