Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Reality Tv Show

5) America's Next Top Model
Okay you have to admit it. I am a girl what do you expect of course I like to watch pretty women walking on a run away with perfect body and clothes. However, life as a model i guess is pretty harsh but once you succeed in it you will be a millionaires. What i like about this show is because they are all 'fierce' and so determine to be an extraordinary model. I like the flow of this series from the audition to the makeover and then to the judging process. What can i say it is a complete recipes for a reality show.

4) American Idol
Who don't like American Idol? I guess a lot of people are watching it and loves it. When most people like to watch their favourite contestant keep on improving from week to week, well not for me. I prefer to return to the basic. Which is you know what 'the audition session'. Some people are really into it. They even allow themselves to go for an audition even though they already know that they don't have singing talent. Being a singer is hard and life in a entertainment business is cruel. There are no guarantee. Sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down. Well i don't want to choose that kinda life. And of course i like to see the judges reaction and their critiques during the audition session.

3) Keeping Up With The Kardasians
You can watch this show on Astro channel 712 E!Entertainment Channel. What i loves about this reality show is that i don't really know. I just like to watch others people life. And the Kardasian's sister always got something going on through out their week. From the quarrel between siblings to the family problems. Well you have to watch it to know more about it.

2) The Apprentice
I bet many of you already known about this reality show. "There is nothing personal it's just business". Basically this show taught us to learn teamwork, to be confident, to know how to grap opportunity, and to raise up even higher when you fall down. Ofcoure i am not really interested in doing business, i just like to go with the flow of the show. The climax of the show is of course the elimination session. That is when you see the true color of some. You can't trust anybody completely. At the end of the day you only have you. or you are "fired" (banging the meeting table with showing a gun sign). Hehe

1) The Biggest Loser
Yeah, this is my favourite reality show of all time. Right now it just finishing the session 7 and finally a women contestant did won. And you know what the Biggest Loser Asia is coming soon. So stick around for more news. Well why do I like this show? Actually it is not just about you put in a bunch of a fat people in a house and train them to lose weight. It is more about their determination and wanting to change their life for the better. "What have you done today, to make you feel proud";"It's never too late to change". That is what their theme songs saying about. Moreover Biggest Loser also did give me a little advice on how to eat healthily and learn a few benefits of exercise.You will be surprised by the end of the show most of them will become way much slimmer. "Ni yang buat aku rase tercabar ni".

So there you have it. The top 5 reality show that i like for now..

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