Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The best affordable restaurant

5) OldTown White Coffee
What I like about this place is that it serves a lot of Malaysian local delight at an affordable price. Their bread are also tasty. I also love their Laksa. And most importantly the services are quite fast, the place are comfortable and very clean. The food price are also okay.

4) Kenny Rogers
This is where i go when i feel like wanting to eat the healthy chicken meal. Not also does the chicken is grill; it also contain less salt, calories, and fats. I always order the 1/4 chicken with 3 side dish. And usually i will choose 3 different vegetables for that. You could find Kenny Rogers at almost everywhere. Also the price is affordable, and the place is okay.

3) Secret Recipe
This food place was first introduce by my sister. We used to went to Jusco Wangsa Maju whenever we crave for Secret Recipe. Most people went there for their cake, although there are a lot of choices for their cakes; but i am more interested in their meals. When i go there i love to order the Dory fish with crab sauce. It is really good at a price of RM18* if i am not mistaken. Also the chicken rice with Mushroom sauce is also really delicious. You could get it at a price of RM13* i think. The place however sometimes is a bit crowded for some of their branch such as at KLCC. Their service is quite good, but however not during the lunch hour. Whatever it is i love to dine at Secret Recipe.

4) Dome
Whenever i went to Dome i will always ask for their wild mushroom soup. It is so superb. I had never eaten a mushroom soup as good as this. The place are very comfortable and the service are fine. Yeah but whatever it is money always come first. The food price are a little tiny-Winny expensive. Most of it is because of the extra taxes that we had to pay for. One more think i also like their spaghetti especially the Carbonara. You can get it for a price of RM24* maybe. I don't remember actually.Haha.

5) Cozy Corner
What more can i say about this place. Basically it is situated at Ampang Park and they serve the Western cuisine and local delight. Everything there is really good. My family and i had been there for many years whenever we had family gathering for special celebration. The steak, Chicken Chop, Smoke Salmon, Dory fish etc is all delicious. As a matter of fact, the dessert are also so tasty. My mom always order the Banana Split Ice-Cream, which is actually not good for her blood sugar. But once in a while; why not. For me, i prefer their Ice-cream goreng and the caramel. The place is also very cozy and the service is nice.

So there you have it, a little info about the restaurant that i always go. Just don't greet me if you meet me at one of the restaurants. Haha. That is so bizarre. I hope now you have an idea to go dining with someone.


  1. Wah, tak sangka jiji ada bakat menulislah. Chaiyok2.



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