Monday, August 17, 2009

Lose weight now, ask me how

Have you guys ever heard about this great product Herbalife. I found out about it from my cousin who is now the Herbalife dealer. He had lose more than 46kg now. I was so shocked how does he able to do that. So then he introduce to me the Herbalife. Actually this product is mainly made from herbal and soy. Also it is Halal and a very world-known. As you can see from the picture, this is not a diet pill that make you go to toilet a few time; and the worse part of it is that; only your water weight is reduced but not your fats, also you might even lose a lot of your vital electrolytes. Moreover it is not a super-special-secret ingredient cream that make your skin feel like burning.

What i am saying is, Herbalife is more like a liquid diet. All you need to do is just replace your meal with Herbalife shake.

This is the shake. Better serve it with cold water.This one drink only contain 90 calories. How to make it? Simply just scoop 2 table spoon of formula 1 of Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Drink and add 300ml of plain water. Then just shake it and drink it right away. When to take it? In the morning to replace your breakfast and in the evening to replace your dinner. Yeah i know, it is impossible for some. Because you can not eat anythings rather than that. But you can eat normally for your lunch meal. But remember limit oily foods and fat-contain foods.

One more think about herbalife is that you are encourage to drink plenty of water. But remember avoid soft drinks and sugary drinks. Believe me, you don't need it. Plain water is way much better. So everyday you have to mix your plain water with Tea-mixed Lemon and Hibiscus. Make sure to finished drink the water. You are encourage to drink atless 2.5L plain water everyday.

If you don't believe me about the positive effect about herbalife; i will tell you something about my experiences. On the first week of my herbalife experience (at that time i choose the vanilla flavour)i notice my skin especially my face look more radiance and the colesterol at my face also vanished. Then i keep on continue to drink the shakes twice a day and eat healthy foods during lunch for a month. The result is i managed to loss 5kg. Which is quiet an accomplishment. Now if i want to compare from before and after is a way lot of different. My starting weight is 65kg and now i am 58kg. My waist circumference before is 34inch and now is 29inch. However i am still not satisfied with it. Because my target goal is to reach 50kg and 25inch for my waist.

F.Y.I this herbalife comes in many flavour. Which is Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry, Capuccino and tropical fruits.




  1. jiji...jgn kurus dri aku...
    mantap ar ko!!
    dh mcm dealer herbalife pulak..

  2. Ah ader aku kesah...aku nak gak..sape ni Bariah ker?

  3. macam Manjalara la..

  4. cet, mengarut ah. ni mesti Naza kn?

  5. nih yg nk tgk nih! :D best!! aziah post byk2 diari diet hehe

  6. huhu, dah lama x berblogging. bz lah sekarang


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