Monday, December 27, 2010

PS, I Love You

Author: Cecelia Ahern

Price: RM 32.90

Suke sgt buku ni.. So sweet but sad.. Movie dier pun mmg dah lame kluar. And sy pun dah tgok byk kali.. smpi x terkire...hehe.. It's a story about gieving process.. "Journey from grief to hope"..

So the story goes like this.. Holly and Gerry are the kind of perfectly happy married couple that others envy. Then, at age of 30, Gerry is diagnosed with a terrible illness.. Kesian nyer.. bru jer kawin.. anak pun x dpt lagi.. Dah lak mak Holly pun kehilangan suami nye gak... Too much love one yg diorng kehilangan..

Then, months after Gerry's death, Holly still mcm xde harapan nak hidup... mcm mayat hidup jer dier..dgn makan tak menentu... rupe pucat semacam, badan kurus kering, and rambut dah ala2 mcm Metallica jer... Suddenly, one day... Holly receives a package of letters that Gerry has left for her.. Surat tu ader byk.. each month dier akan dpt satu, smpi lah 12 bulan... The letter instructing her to perform a series of unexpected tasks. Mcm suruh get a new hair cut lah, menyanyi depan org ramai lah, go on vacation with her friends lah ( husband dier sempat Siap arrange kan ticket and hotel lg dlm sakit2 tu)..

So, with the help of the letters and her fun friends.. Holly manage to move on with her new life...

p.s. I Love U...

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