Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

If u are a shopaholic, then u must read this book..
Author: Sophie Kinsella

Paling suke bace hasil tulisan Sophie Kinsella ni.. Sebab penceritaan dier sgt sempoi, kelakar, and mudah difahami... Best sgt.. cerite2 dier yg lain pun best... Can You keep a Secret? yg sgt kelakar and cerite The Undomestic Goddess.. By the way buku aku yg itu dah hilang...entah sape pinjam tak pulang2...T_T Sedih seh....

My Shopaholic Books Collection...

Title: Confessions of a Shopaholic (Vol 1)

Price: RM 32.90

Published: 2001

Movie dier pun dah keluar.. tp yg version movie tu byk giler perbezaan dgn buku... tp xpe best jer...Ok... Intro utk buku yg 1st ni.. Cerite dier ttg seorng Shopaholic names' Becky Bloomwood.. She's is twenty-five-years old and have a flat in London's trendiest neighborhood, glamorous socialite friends, and almari baju yg cukup dengan every season's must haves.. The only trouble is..... She can't actually afford it..not any of it..

Her job is writing at Successful Saving magazine, and it doesn't pay much at all. Still, dier seorng shopaholic... x ker contra tu... org yg money spender, beri nasihat ttg saving...

Now, lately, Becky's been chased by dismal letters from VISA and the bank. She tries making more money but didn't succeeds.. Her only consolation is to buy herself something.. just a little something... Haaa!!! elok ah tu...

Title: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Vol 2)

Price: RM 32.90

Published: 2002

Habis lah...kali ni si minah Shopaholic ni ader trip ker Manhattan...mmg masak ah...mane tak nyer New York kan tmpt syurga fashion.. So dengan berbekal kan credit card sebagai teman sejati dier...entah ape lah yg terjadi..

Title: Shopaholic Ties The Knot (Vol 3)

Price: RM 34.90

Published: 2003

Pelik lak, harga buku naek RM 2.. Entah nnti2 makin mahal lak.. Adeh.. Dah ah ni pun cukup mahal..Layan

Yeah, kali ni lebih mencerite kan ttg Si Becky yg dah nak kahwin dah. So when Luke (her future husband) proposes, all of a sudden life gets hectic. Mak Becky nak dier kahwin kat kampung dier and have a traditional wedding... Mak Si Brandon lak nak dier kahwin kat bandar New York and have a grand extravaganza wedding.. Ok so bru aku tau yg majlis kahwin org putih ader sekali jer... Kan senang mcm org melayu ader 2 majlis.. Win-win situation for both parties..

Title: Confessions & Sister (Vol 4)

Price: RM 32.90


Kali ni lebih mencerite kan ttg care2 penjimatan. Jgn dok nak heboh shopping jer. Cube berjimat cermat sikit utk hari susah. So cerite kali ni lebih ttg si Becky yg sedang cube mencari her long-lost sister (Jessica).

Permulaan cerite dier psl si Becky ni yg just have returned home to London from their round-the-world honeymoon. But, Luke her husband is furious. Mane tak nyer.. Si Becky ni dok beli mcm2 souvenir kat setiap negare yg die pergi.. x tentu arah sgt. Balik jer London, ader two truckloads of those souvenirs and the bills for them are outrageous. So husband dier dok nasihat si Becky ni utk go on budget. Belanje tu biarlah berpade-pade.. Ikut kemampuan.

And worse: Her beloved best friend Suze has found a new best friend while Becky was away. So Becky pun sgt sedih.. tpi sebaik saje dier tau cerite dr parents dier yg dier ader long-lost sister... she convinced that her sister will be a true soulmate. They'll go shopping together, have manicures,...

Until she meets Jessica for the first time and gets the shock of her life..Mane tak nyer, rupe nyer kakak dier benci shopping and sgt lah berjimat-cermat..

Title: Shopaholic & Baby (Vol 5)

Price: RM 69.90

Published: 2007

Yeah, setelah tertunggu-tunggu akhir nyer keluar gak sambungan dier. Sat gi tengok harga dier mak ai.. mahal giler.. dah mcm nak beli buku medic jer.. Adeh, mane lah nak dapat dana ni.. Tapi last2 beli gak.. Ahaks.. Mane leh x beli nnti x tau ending..

So kali ni cerite dier pasal Becky Brandon yg sekarang sudah bekerja di newest big store yg mmg die impikan selame ini. And then, now she's pregnant and everything has got to be perfect for her baby. From the designer nursery, to the latest clothes. Mak ai! dier ni mmg giler shopping tol.. But every happy story must have its sad side right? So, si Becky ni plak dok heboh sgt nak celebrity obstetrician. So akhir nyer she and her husband manage to find one. But it turns out that doktor tu is her husband intellectual ex-girlfriend. Kesian..


The Latest: Mini Shopaholic

Price: Donno??

Published: 2010

Wah, yg latest dah kluar. Tak sabar nak beli yang ni. Dok bace review mcm ok jer. Dier mencerite kan psl anak dier (Miss Minnie Brandon) yg dah mcm ala2 mak dier yg gile shopping. Tp buku ni lebih byk mencerite kan ttg Rebecca Brandon a.k.a. Becky Bloomwood yg menghadapi financial crisis but still want to throw a big and glamorous birthday party for her husband, Luke Brandon. But ape2 pun i'm thrill to read it.



  1. 2 dia byknya collection sophie kinsela punya buku..ak hanya ada 3 ja...


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