Saturday, December 25, 2010

Green Tea

Green Tea is the most common drink for Japanese.It is easy to make, cheap, and have a lot of benefits. It may act as an anti-cancer and detoxification.

This is the list of benefits of green tea which I’ve found from google search engine.

1)Treatment and prevention of cancer. e.g : esophageal cancer.. Sebab we never know, entah berape banyak makanan yang diproses yg kite telah makan, and bekas polystyrene yg kerap digune utk membungkus makananan yg boleh menyebabkan cancer. So perhaps, green tea may helps indirectly.

2)To raise the metabolism and increase fat oxidation. May be use as an alternative to lose weight. It may also reduces the level of cholesterol in blood.

3)It reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks.

4)Lowers high blood sugar ( May helps patient with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2)

5)Protects liver against toxins like chemicals in cigarette smoke.

6)Promotes oral health. How? by destroying the bacteria that forms plaque that eventually destroys bacteria that causes bad breath.

7)Destroys free radicals that cause aging. So Kalo rase2 nak maintain mude, minum lah green tea.

There's a variety type of green tea out there.

One Sachet is enough.

Remember to cover ur cup or glass with lid. So that the "green tea benefits"
will not evaporate.

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