Monday, November 21, 2011

The Most Important Things In Life

If you had to choose only one things, which would you consider the most important in your life? 
1) Education
2) Health
3) Family
4) Friends

Actually my friend and I got this topic from MUET. We were planning to practice our English so that we will speak English fluently. So why not, using our Linguistic Session for my blog post.

I was voted to debate on Health that is the most important things in life. So, i took it in a positive way. Ok, my point is that; for me people always took health for granted. There is a saying "prevention is better than cure". Let's look at one of the most common example, people who are comfort with sedentary lifestyle, love to eat fast food and soft drink; would end up being a diabetic or heart disease patient. And once you got the health problem, it's hard for you to reverse it back to normal.

Furthermore, if we always felt sick , we can't go to work or perform at our best. Instead we might burden others to take care of us. And then it might cost a lot of money for health expenses. In the end we will feel despair and depressed.

So that is why, we should take care of our self. For example we should eat a lot of vegetable, drink plenty of plain water, exercise, take supplement and all.

But for me Family, Health, Education and Friends ; all are important elements.


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