Friday, November 4, 2011

Menangguhkan kerja

Pernah tak korang menangguh kan kerja? Macam aku memang selalu. Contoh terbaik is today. Sepatutnya aku kena baca buku hari ni and make some research. But then again i'm stuck with doing something that just waste of my time. For instead, at first my main objective is to surf the internet and search something educational. But, i started to log in Facebook. Then, paham-paham jer lah FB, nak wut apa agi, update status, stalker Fb orang lain, main game, update...update....and update...By the end of the day dah 1 hour, then, become lazy and sleepy. So kerja pun tak jalan. Moral of the story kalau nak start wut kerja yang need to use the internet; please avoid log in your FB, or else; memang kerja x jalan.


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