Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random awesomness

Nothing much to say. Just wanna post something rubbish and babbling.

Something contra about me. I love to eat but at the same time I am dieting. So what is the solution? After eating unhealthy food, I cover it up with Herbalife. Drinks plenty of Herbalife Tea Mix. And it really works.

My Ex-roomate just gave this keychain to me. So Sweet. Thanks Amalia. At the back of the keychain she left a message "Jiji I love you my ex-roomate". Hehe.. Love you too gurlzzz. She bought it from Finland, because she had to do practical there last semester. How cool is that. (p.s: Untuk student cemerlang jer dapat pegi buat practical kat overseas). :(

I loves to bought things that have a gift with it. As for example I bought (Mak den yang bayar)nutrigen just to get this cute Teddy bear ruler. Hehe...

During my matriculation day I always saw my room mate eat raisin and date. They ate 7 raisin and 3 date. Okay, since i was primary school until secondary school. I had never make it a routine. Maybe because i never been to boarding school or what so ever. So i just wanna follow them. Because as we know it may improve your cognitive thinking, but u had to be consistent with it. So one day, before i went for my examination i just grab a bunch of raisin( about 20 raisin) and eat all of it at one time. Same goes also for date. I ate almost 7 of date. So, my room mate saw me doing that and she laugh at me. Oh no! I was so embarrassed with myself.


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