Friday, April 15, 2011


Today, I am a bit emotional. Because today early in the morning I had to go to UiTM Puncak Alam to meet my supervisor. And I only drinks 300ml of Vanilla shake (Herbalife). And last night I didn't sleep at all (tipu tidur jap 1 jam 30 minit). Why I don't sleep at all, it is because:

1) I had to submit my slide
2) I only started do the slide at night because I was so lazy and doing other things. You know, same old same old activity, watching American Idol, (B.T.W. Scotty is so talented), playing internet game, sleeping, eating, and showers etc.
3) Watching vlog. Haha. (Biasalah malam-malam kan line tenet laju so best ah sikit tengok youtube)

So, What is the motive for today's posting. Oh Yeah! After I went to uitm, I went back home with feeling of despair because....( not gonna tell ya). And then surprisingly I don't feel like eating and so just went to sleep after ofcourse performing my zohor prayers.

4-5 hours later..

Wooo, it's already 8 p.m. and I noticed that I had 2 missed call, and 4 messages on my handphone screen. And so, without further due, quickly I take a shower and perform my maghrib prayer (Psst and campur Qada Asar sekali)Adeh! Buruk perangai..

And then, suddenly, I started to feel uncomfortable, something wrong somewhere. My stomach started to produce a drum sound (perut berbunyi doh). Then my mom and I went to eat Chicken Rice at Puncak Alam. Woo, I eat a lot (Biar ah perut dah lapar).

After that we went to Econsave and I bought a lot of Chocholate. So this is the new packaging of Cadbury chocholate (Aik, baru tahu ker??)


This one is also delicious..

Oh man, I eat too much... T_T


  1. heeee,

    kakina sebat ko nyer cadbury gold hari tu,
    tinggal satu, jadi kasi habis lah

  2. Wooo, patut ah xde...hehe..nasib baek beli banyak choc lain.. :D


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