Monday, April 18, 2011

Food Poisoning and Diarrhea

Last Saturday, I went to watch my sister played Volleyball and I ate the provided food that they prepared. Which is Nasi Briyani with Fried Chicken (Bahagian Kepak). They bought it from Mamak's Restaurant. And it's really weird why something bad always happened to me. I've got stomach ache due to food poisoning. By the way, the game was held at Dewan Bola Tampar MBSA Seksyen 19 Shah Alam. This is my first time being in hall that are only meant to play volleyball. Interesting.

As usual, before the game started they had to sing the National Anthem.

Before the game started

From 8 am until 5pm, I had to watch all the game being played by all team. Oh! Really tiring. Lastly I did not watched the whole game and just find a nice spot for me to sleep. I don't know how, with a lot of screaming and yelling, I still manage to sleep. That's is the best part for the whole day and i enjoy every moment of it. (Yes! I sleep a lot)

All I know that my sister's team got the 4 place. Quite okay. So we went home. And at night I started to had a really bad stomach ache. It's not fair, because my sister did not eat at all during the game so she did not experienced any stomach ache. Man!!! why does it always be me. Last time I had sprain, now I had stomach ache. So the next morning I went to clinic. Which cost me about RM35. T_T

Before we go further, allow me the explained on a few terms.
Definition of food poisoning:
Illness resulting from ingestion of foods containing poisonous substances. These include foods contaminated with pesticides or foods that have putrefied or decomposed due to bacterial action. (Taber, 2008)

Definition on Diarrhea:
The passage of fluid or unformed stools and an increased frequency of defecation. (LeMone, 2008)

Pusat Rawatan Ikhwan SDN.BHD.

As usual, private clinic is my choice, because I hate waiting for a treatment. The quicker the better.

So after registering my name, within 30 second, the nurse called me to see the doctor. Ok so first after telling him my problem, he checked my blood pressure. BP: 117/ 76 mmHG. Pulse rate: 104 bpm. And so he said that my blood pressure is normal so no need to worry. And then he had to do health assessment which is by assessing the abdomen.

First, after he had do the inspection, he need to hear my bowel sound by using stethoscope (auscultation of the abdomen). According to the doctor my bowel is hyperactive. Next, he need to do light and deep palpation and ask me which area of the abdomen than i felt pain. Hmm, apparently I don't felt any pain.

So I ask for an explanation from the assessment:
Due to bowel hyperactivity, i might felt cramping at my stomach area. But so far i didn't vomit, so nothing serious. Just continue with medication.

So this is the medication that was given to me.

Basically to replenished back your electrolytes.

Dissolve one sachet in 250mL of water.

Activated Charcoal 200mg (Anti-diarrheal)

For treating diarrhoea

Loperamide HCl 2mg (Anti-diarrheal)

Syptomatic control of acute&chronic diarrhea, reduce number and volume of stools &harden their consistency.

Hyoscine N-butylbromide 10mg (Antispasmodic)

For treating and reducing GIT spasm and pain.

Thus, basically, before taking the medication, I had to eat first, although i don't had appetite at all. (pakse jer makan). My mom made it for me. Thanks mom.

After that, all that i need to do are:
1) Drink plenty of water
2) Rest
3) Do not eat spicy food
4) Jangan makan kedai mamak lagi...arghhhh


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