Sunday, October 11, 2009


Life! What is life? There must be more essential meaning behind the word LIFE. It is true, that I am still 21 but the truth is I am very curious about people’s experience and their stories in their endurance and struggles with their life. From sacrifices to happiness; some people may reach their happiness by marriage or by being successful in life. Good for them. But what about those who failed in their life, and have to keep on trying to reach their need and goal? And finally able to do it. They must be an extraordinary person. For me, no matter whether we failed in relationship between family, siblings, friends’ workplace or studies; we must keep holding on and strive to reach what we really want the most.

The reason why I post this blog is because, recently I chatted with this person, hehe. Okay, so as stated by him, his parents divorce when he is still in high school. Both of them now had their own family as they had gone on separate ways. Now, I wonder why do they left this ‘hamba Allah’ on his own. According to him, after he had finished his PMR he can not pursue his studies due to not having enough money and had to support his life. Well this is very weird; how come does his parent just simply left him just like that. After all, he is still their son and connected with them blood-ties. Then, I ask him, what about his aunty and uncle? Don’t they suppose to do something about this? Ignorance is not the solution for this. Okay! It is true, that they had their own family and commitment. As reported by him, his uncle had to take care/feed his own child and had no sufficient money to support nephew. But from my point of view, there must be another way or solution that he can do. As for example refer him to the charity or seek for help from others. But yeah, easy to say than to do. I can not simply blame the uncle blindly as I had not heard from the both side directly.

Whatever it is this ‘hamba Allah’ had to find a job to feed himself. So he works in an estate with the Indonesian labor by collecting and harvesting the plants, trees, and so on. Thus, being busy trying to “mencari sesuap nasi”; sadly, he had to drop from school and continue working. 4 years later, with big determination and motivation he back on track by pursuing his study and did his SPM. And so far that is the highest qualification that he able to get.

Actually, we should be thankful that we are able to keep on studying without disruptions and difficulties. For me, although I am not really a brilliant students or teacher’s favorite student and so on; I am still a person who wish to aim higher and want to be successful in life. Being a degree student is tough, especially when the exam is getting closer and closer, day by day. InsyaAllah (if God willing) someday I will get the dean list and keep on upgrading myself by having something extra. Everybody should be an extraordinary person, but ofcourse in a good way. Hey, everybody have their own dreams, am I right!

Okay, so coming back to the story, now according to him, his life is much better than before and he is thankful for all that. So what can we learn from his side of story? Life...It is not as miserable as we think! Our life is just like a wheel, sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down.

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