Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meet the feline family!

All of this is from my cat's picture collection. I am really crazy with cats.I can not imagine the world without cats. It will be empty and meaningless. Cats give me pleasure and happiness. So i started to own a pet since i was maybe 4 years old until now. I don't really remember how many cats i had own. Maybe around 30. Well ofcourse not all of it are still alive. After all the duration of cat's life is just about 8 years old. Most of my cats die due to car accident. Other than than are due to food poisoning, missing in action, leukemia,etc. Don't get me wrong, i am not a cat abuser or something. It's just that cat's life is so short compared to dog. Alright whatever it's i just want to share with you guys some of my cats picture.

1) Pokbu

2) Hideki Takezawa (Tekky)

3) Utada Hikaru (Hikaru)

4) Justine

5) Lance

6) Ilhani Mansiz (Ani)


8) Patitayu

9) No-name

10) Ange

11) Bunting

So that's all for now. All of the cats are already R.I.P. Except Ani who is still as healthy as a horse. Now she is almost 7 years old. Actually i have lots of cats picture but i will show it to you guys next time. Until then, take care.

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