Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Celebrating Aidilfitri

For me there is nothing special than celebrating Hari Raye. Well ofcourse u got to eat a lot of food, cakes, and cookies. This time i managed to taste Rendang Itik, Rendang Burung Puyoh, Rendang Daging and Rendang Ayam. Well that's only about the rendang. What about others? As usual my mom will made Lontong, Sambal Sotong and Sambal Jawa. Yum so delicious. Okay, but the dish is still incomplete without ketupat and lemang.

Yeah enough about food. Actually the first raye is really entertaining because of a lot of food that i can choose to eat. But what happen during the night? Hehe i don't know about others but I've got stomach ache and diarrhea. I don't know why? Maybe because i drank a lot of carbonated drinks. It was no fun at all. well it's okay because on the next day; i still can eat. Yeah! Makan time.

By the way u know, Hari Raye is not just about food and Duit Raye. Most importantly it's about visiting your relatives. No matter how far they live or what kind of house they live. But to be honest sometimes i barely know my own relatives, especially those who i rarely met. So what am i suppose to do. Emm! Well, first is ofcourse to greet them (Assalamualaikum), second is to Salam them and everybody in the house, third is to always smile and answer all their question. The usual question is ( Ni anak Bibah eh, oii dah besar dah) Hehe.. Fourth is to eat and drink . Five is to salam and send back the plate or any cup to the kitchen and wash it, although most of the time they will say no need to do that. Ok that is what i usually do. I hope it works.

Okay what more about Hari Raye. Beside from i got to ask an apologize or beg for forgiveness from both of my parents, grandma, uncle and auntie. I also got to enjoy playing firecrackers. You name it i dare to play all sorts of firecrackers. Although it is illegal, but without it my raye is almost meaningless. Well may i list what kind of mercun that i play. okay, mercun KLCC, thunder bomb, thunder king, thunder clap, mercun roket, mercun mancis, mercun ketupat, mercun bola, mercun das, gasing, lebah, mercun telur naga and lots more. What about Bunga api? Well, it's for babies and nothing adventurous about it.hehe.. Okay that is all from me. Ciao...

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