Monday, May 2, 2011


"I thought when I do good to people, good things will happen to me. But it's doesn't always turn up that way."

Loves this quote, i heard it when i watched House. And when i think about it, yeah he is so right. Sometimes, we had to face a lot of challenges either emotionally or physically. And for sure whenever you do good things, good things will not always happened to you. All that you can do is "ikhlas" and never ask for anything in return.

And yeah, good people always be the victim. What to do. This is the reality.



  1. :) Selalu now I make it a habit untuk relate things to Rasulullah s.a.w and the Prophets... Seriously, ade ke orang yg "do good things" more than what the prophets did? Diorg yg masyaAllah, bekerja seumur hidup hanya untuk Allah, but so many bad things happened to them too, even worse incidents than what we tend to face now. So you are right, these things are tests and we always have to strive to be ikhlas, not to expect rewards even from Him kalau boleh.

  2. Erk, betul tu. Kalo nak di compare kan prophetss with myself or others mmg sangat2 lah x layak. But who knows, maybe ader org mcm tu. One in a million. But, seriously i agree with you, at least we could try to follow the sunnah and be genuine in whatever we do :)

    p.s: Zaman sekarang ni byk dengar org sihir2 ni. santau lah ape lah. Org akhir zaman ni dah start balik amalkan kepercayaan black magic ni. Takut pulak.


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