Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My father got Brain Tumour

On the day when the Dr inform us about the MRI result, i was not shock but actually want to know, what is the Dr next plan or treatment. 

"My father got brain Tumour at the right site"

If it affect the right site, then his motor movement will be a problem.

They plan to do Right craniotomy and debulking of tumour

Institut Kaji Saraf, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

He had been admitted at Neuro Ward 4A on 15/8/2012 wednesday

Then operated on 17/8/2012 friday

on the same day after operation, he had been transfered to HDW (High Dependency Ward)

He was on a lot of tubes and lines, arterial line, IV line, Drainage Tube

The surgical site.

We were lucky, that my father want to make an early check, once he had the symptoms.

The Symptoms are:
1) Chronic migraine, especially at right site
2) Easily forget things
3) Easily becomes tired
4) Sleeps a lot

Now, he is still under recovery, but one thing for sure, the operation is successful. Thank You Allah s.w.t and thank you to all staff from Institute Kaji Saraf, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, HKL. You guys did a good job.


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