Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Brother at PPUM

This is actually, the picture of my brother's thumb. He have diabetes for 5 years, but he'd never on diabetic medication. He's denial I guess. Although he's still in his early 30's but due to his lifestyle he'd got diabetes. It's true that if we drink lot's of carbonated drink; then, we had to prepare for the worse.

So he started to have this condition for 2 weeks ago. And suddenly it's started to swell and very painful. So he decided to went to the nearest clinic. But the the GP doctor, refer him to the General Hospital. The doctor said that hand is very complicated part of the body.

Now, this is the picture of after surgery. And yes he had to underwent surgery under GA.

Luckily now, he is fine, but the causes according to him is still idiopathic, he said maybe due to certain infected wound that he didn't notice. But it become worse because he have diabetes.


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