Friday, October 14, 2011

24 hours notice

It's official i'm going back to nursing after being a medical sales representative for almost 4 months. Not quite long huh? Erk, seriously nursing is my field, i am very comfort to be called as nurse rather than sales person. The salary for sales executive is tempting but, the truth is i miss nursing so much. So i've got an offer to be a staff nurse at private hospital. Without hesitating, i quit my current job today 14/10/2011. Why not giving 1 month notice period? I've got my own reason.

The truth is I need to deploy on 1/11/2011. Deploy? Haha, the proper vocabulary should be report right? But initially the training will be starting on 15 November 2011. But, although i could report later, but i don't want to miss the initial training. So the sooner the better.

But here's the truth, life can't be that easy. Ofcourse, i am bound into some rules and regulation from my current job. Because i did gave 24 hours notice to resign, so i have to pay my one month salary as penalty. Wow, i already work for 2 weeks, why not staying for another 2 weeks to complete the whole month? It is because, still, i have to pay my 1 month salary. SO I JUST QUIT.

But i do it the proper way, by confronting with my boss. Seriously, if not, i could just leave without giving any notice and without being penalize. But, I'm afraid that i will be black listed. So it's okay. Because i did came in a proper way, so i leave in a proper way.

The Cheque

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