Monday, July 25, 2011

Mind Set

Kata pepatah orang dulu2:
Hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negara sendiri. Lebih baik di negara sendiri.

Walau bagaimanapun kelebihan di negara orang, tetap negeri sendiri lebih baik lagi.

Aik, nape tetiba nak cakap pasal peribahasa ni? Hmm, actually, today i had managed to see this particular Dr. yg sangat2 saya admire. Bukan calang2 orang dier ni. He is one of the IPTA Prof. And had lot of experiences gain from overseas. Why do i admire him so much? Because he started to open up my mind. Yang sebenarnya, everything started when i wanted to promote my medical product which is made from Overseas. And what is beautiful with this product is that it comes with treatment protocol. So basically, i need this Dr's help to modify his own treatment protocol, so that later part, we may give the feedback back to the product's country origin.

But, according to him, he need to be careful when giving certain information. Eh, and then tetibe saye rasa pelik. Nape x nk kasi info lak? Explain please.

To cut short the lots-of-info-conversation:

He said, why do Malaysian student wanted so badly to go study abroad? Sedangkan dekat Malaysia ni ada berpuluh-puluh University. University kat Malaysia ni boleh tahan hebat juga. Menang international award macam2. And yet, we still sending our brilliant Malaysian student to overseas.

And than what'd happened? When the JPA scholar x dpt gi oversea mula lah merungut. Kenapa? What's wrong with our University? Did you know? Let's say in overseas; one of the final year student who did research for their PhD or final year project; the technology that they discover is belong to the oversea's university and not for our country Malaysia. And what's worse is that some of them don't wanna to come back home. And decided to stay there. Oh! what a lost for our country.


Then he show me some medical product (some screws or plate uses for internal fixation), and ask me where it is made from. Ok, so my manager tengok lah product tu, and he said it is an overseas product. And actually it is made from Malaysia. So we are capable to produce our own product.

So coming back to the earlier conversation is that:~~

We can do it. Just believe in ourselves..Malaysia Boleh!! Cewah~~~ngaarut jer lebih.


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