Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Varicose Vein

Normal Legs

What is varicose vein?
Varicose vein are raised and twisted blue veins. They usually appear on the surface of the legs, but can also affect deeper veins.

What causes them?
c)Lack of exercise
d)Standing for long periods
e)Extra pressure caused by being overweight or pregnant

Ways To Control Varicose Vein??
1) Don't stand when you can sit.
- Standing still in one position for long period of time lets blood pool in your
lower legs, putting pressure on the blood vessels.
- So, whenever possible, take a short break every 15 minutes or so and sit down
with your legs raised.

2) Eat more berries
- Blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries all contain flavonoids, which have
been shown to help strengthen blood vessel walls.

3) Put your feet up when sitting
- e.g: You could do it while you were sitting down watching tv or lying down

4) Move
- To keep the blood circulating in your legs and strengthen your calf muscles.
- Point and flex your feet to boost circulation.

5) Avoid tight clothes
- Jeans can restrict blood circulation

6) Lose weight

7) Wear flats

8) Wear compression stockings

9) Stop staining


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